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New Spinbee lights up
New Spinbee- Lights up
List Price: $29.99
Our Price: $19.99
You Save $10.00!

The World Famous Magic Spinbee has been redesigned from the ground up and is now easier to master than ever before!  It flies, it spins,  and now it even lights up!  The Magic Spinbee makes a great gift for any Magic Enthusiast.  For a limited time get two for $29.99!
Far Sight by Devin Knight Trick
Our Price: $25.00

One of Devin Knight's most guarded secrets from his professional act is now being made available.

Insight (red) by Devin Knight
Our Price: $26.00

Insight is #3 in the Devin Knight's Psychic Sight series. In this release a random spectator exhibits an uncanny INSIGHT by calling out the exact location of a thought of card.
Sponge Eyeballs by Alan Wong and Steve Marshall - Trick
Our Price: $24.95

Welcome to the wonderful world of eyeball magic!
Very Best of Modern Coin Magic - DVD
Our Price: $24.95

If you have ever wanted to get into coin magic and don't know where to start, the best of modern coin magic is the perfect DVD to start learning coin magic today.
Breakaway Wand
Our Price: $4.95

Every time that the performer hands his magic wand to someone else, it falls apart in their hands! AMAZING!
Vanishing Wand Shells
Our Price: $4.50

Each Box Includes 1 Dozen Shells
Conjunction by Joshua Quinn - Trick
Our Price: $32.99

the more impossible it seems to you, the more you will love Conjunction. This effect is as astonishing !
Cards Of Influence by Kenton Knepper & Mark Townsend - Book
Our Price: $40.00

This is unlike nearly anything else you may have seen or read before !
Spirit Slates Magnetic (Invisible Magnet) by Bazar de Magia - Trick
Our Price: $85.00

These are terrific! In fact, we believe they are the finest set of magnetic locking slates you can see.